I have mixed feelings about this novel written about Kathryn White...On one hand, White took the "bad life, suddenly mega-star" cliche and made it really unique and original. On the other hand, Behind the Scenes is an indie novel, so naturally, its going to have some grammatical and spelling errors. There wasn't enough to be distracting in Behind the Scenes, though! *cheer*
    Caitlin is a few months away from getting married, at age 18, to Johnny, who ridicules her acting. "It's stupid!" he complains about Caitlin's audition for a new role in the hit TV series, Angel Street.
    Caitlin's mother left years ago and bestselling author dad abandened her as a baby. Caitlin lives in a trailer, only by the kindness of her fiancee's parents (the trailer park owners). Then, Johnny dies abrubtly.
     While lost in grief, Caitlin recieves a call that changes her (and her life!) forever; she got the part as Daisy in Angel Street.
    Caitlin is reunited with her father and sister and relearns something of her past, while puzzling over the pompus director.
    OK, I have to say, I really enjoyed this book!
8/10 stars, Ages-13 and up
~Carissa Bookworm
Also, Thank you to Kathryn White for the free review copy!



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    Orgin by Jessica Khoury is...undescribable.
    Pia is perfect. She is the single immortal homo sapien. Her sole purpose is to start a new race of perfect, immortal people. She lives in New Cambridge (or New Cam as the residents call it) with the group of scientist that bred her plus staff. Pia's only dream is to make her Mr. Perfect and be on the Immortis team. But on her 17th birthday, Pia sneaks outside the fence. *gasp*  She meets a boy from the local tribe named Eio. They continually meet and Pia begins to love him and his village. Then Pia discovers the final ingredient to Immortis and it changes everything. 
    Wow. This book is everything: unique, memorable, well-written. I could not put this book down! I love the ending, but, woah, very unexpected! 
    I did a little research and *drumroll, please* her new book, Vitro comes out in January 2014! All her life, Sophie Crue has wondered about the secret research her mother conducts for the enigmantic company called Corpus, deep in the South Pacific. At last, she has her chance to find out--but every secret comes at a cost...
Apparently, Khoury is Syrian and Scottish! Cool combo!
~Carissa Bookworm
P.S. Here's her website:http://www.jessicakhoury.com/#!

    Fat Cat, by Robin Brande, follows Cat, an (how do I say this politely!?) obese math and science nerd. Cat is taking the infamous Research Science class with Mr. Fizer. If she aces this class, getting into college will be a breeze. Itty bitty problem. The year long research project must be related to a random picture. Cat draws hers and finds homo erectus (primitive humans) which are completly unrelated to Cat's scientific field. Cat bases her project off whether homo sapiens could benefit from returning to their natural roots; no technology, no junk food, and no modern convienences (within reason). Cat loses the weight while refurbishing a vegetarian resturant, dealing with a traitorous ex best friend, and dating guys whom her BF, Amanda, continually sets her up with.
    I loved this book!!! I could not put it down!!! Ages 12 and up, and 10/10 stars!!

                        ~Carissa Bookworm

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is a unique book that emerges from a delightful world; Middle Earth. The Hobbit is the prelude to infamous Lord of the Rings Trilogy...most authors begin with a prologue, but Tolkien went the extra mile and made the prelude a book. Wow. This book leads you into the land of elves, dwarves, humans, wizards, and (duh) hobbits (in case you didn't know are short, un-adventerous people with hairy feet.) The main character, Bilbo Baggins really doesn't care about anything outside of his hobbit world, The Shire. Yet, he is still pulled into an adventure. Bilbo's dream was to be a nice, normal hobbit, not trouping around on a most unseemly adventure! Or, worse still, to help stinky dwarves! All Ages in appropiatness, but it is a hard read...10/10!!!
    Now a major motion picture (dunno why movies are called that)!
Review on the movie (special case)- REALLY! A three hour movie, and doesn't even reach the climax! You have got to be kidding me! OK, rant over. I loved it...

    The main character in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is Bilbo's nephew (?) Frodo Baggins. So that's how the books tie together.
    Sorry this review has been such a ramble. :)

With assistance from Ruth Reader,
Carissa Bookworm

    An original story, Cinder follows a young Cyborg, living with her step-mother and step-sisters in New Bejiing. To earn her keep, Cinder uses her unique mechanical abilities to fix cyborg limbs, droids, etc. When the heir to the throne, Prince Kai, practically begs her to fix an old android for her, Cinder discover's vital information about the Lunar's (people of the moon) that might just save Kai's life.
Cinder by Marissa Meyers is truly amazing and definitely wins a spot on "Carissa's Favorite Book List!" along with a million other books. :)  Filled with a bunch of twists and turns, Cinder will keep you jumping! Must read for teens and kids 8+, 10/10 stars.
Carissa Bookworm