Fat Cat, by Robin Brande, follows Cat, an (how do I say this politely!?) obese math and science nerd. Cat is taking the infamous Research Science class with Mr. Fizer. If she aces this class, getting into college will be a breeze. Itty bitty problem. The year long research project must be related to a random picture. Cat draws hers and finds homo erectus (primitive humans) which are completly unrelated to Cat's scientific field. Cat bases her project off whether homo sapiens could benefit from returning to their natural roots; no technology, no junk food, and no modern convienences (within reason). Cat loses the weight while refurbishing a vegetarian resturant, dealing with a traitorous ex best friend, and dating guys whom her BF, Amanda, continually sets her up with.
    I loved this book!!! I could not put it down!!! Ages 12 and up, and 10/10 stars!!

                        ~Carissa Bookworm


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