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When the World Ends is a book set in the future when Earth is soon to be dead and the ISS and the Space Base's are the good places to live...
Alec Corbett is the son of a cruel, careless man, and he's known that for quite a while. He vaguely remebers a time when Landon Corbett wasn't so distant, when his mother was still around, but those days are long gone. So when Alec uncovers his father's and the Board of Director's devilish plot to stage a shuttle 'accidently' exploding killing the 2000+ people inside. Alec makes a hasty desicion and shares the document with the folks from Level 1, where all the poor, discriminated upon, desperete people live. Together, Alec and his friend Jonah along with a few brave others, they decide to blow it up BEFORE people get on, utterly thwarting Corbett SR's plan. Alec discreetly works against his father, betraying his father in pretty every way. But...He does deserve it. Alec's father is sent t o Earth to placate the Earth-dwellers by telling them that those in Space are making room for them. He takes Alec with them. Alec hooks up with some rebels on Earth and together thay plot to take down the Board of Director's.

I enjoyed this book, I really did. But there was many grammatical errors and instead of using "abc" the author, J.J. Marshall, used 'abc' Maybe this was because I got a review copy (Thanks JJ) that hadn't been fully edited but I still felt the need to point that out. I'm not sure if I will read the sequel, because SciFi isn't really my thang (yes, thAng.). All ages in romantic appropriateness, but here is a good amount of blood and guts. 7/10 stars.


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