Under the Empyrean Sky is/has a good idea. I picked this book up because the back blurb interested me. I picked it up looking for a fun,  well-written adventure...I didn't find it.
Cael lives in a world  just like any other in the YA genre these days, where most are dirt  poor, but a select few live in
luxury. For Hunger Games, The Capital, for Under the Empyrean Sky, flotillas. Cael tries to provide for his sick  mother, good-for-nothing father, and rebel sister the only way he can. So every day Cael is out with his Scavenging crew, on their flying boat thingie, looking for valuable pieces of
left behind trash.  Life goes on, but then Cael finds a secret garden full of fresh fruit  and vegatables, which is GREAT because fruit and veggies are almost nonexistent. So Cael and his crew decide to use the hidden crop to boost
themselves out of poverty. Or, try too.

Under the Empyrean Sky started out  really slow. I understand the need to create the world and really show  the reader the state of poverty Cael's family, heck, his whole town, is  in, but the world building was just too long...at least for me. I forced myself to continue reading, because A.) I hate giving low-star reviews, and B.) I got a review copy from NetGalley and I felt I at least owed it to them to finish the book. Finally, I just gave up reading Under the Empyrean Sky. Maybe it gets better, but I'm rating it on what I read.
4/10 stars, Ages 10+



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