The Selection has begun. Thirty-five girls have been chosen to compete for Prince Maxon and the Crown.
    America is one of those lucky girls, but she doesn't care about the Prince or the title of Queen; America tries only for the weekly compensation her family recieves. America believes, at first, that Prince Maxon is just a stuck-up, idiotic jerk. Then, America becomes friends with Prince Maxon and they begin to meet regularly (they're secret signal to meet is tugging one's ear!). Week by week more girls are sent home devastated. Then, America's ex-secret-scandalous-boyfriend (whom is a caste below her, hence the scandalous part) shows up as her guard! America must choose between Prince Maxon, new love, and the chance of a lifetime, or Aspen, her long time love, and a life of hardships.
    I loved this book! The Selection was everything was everything you could want in a book: a glimmer of hope, heated romance, and an epic choice. Selection's world is so beautifully built with so much detail! I really enjoyed watching America's opinion of Prince Maxon slowly change.
    You have to read this book! Like, now!
10/10 stars, all ages,
Carissa Bookworm

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