Hey faithful viewers (or first timers)...so sorry I haven't posted in a bit. It has been a very busy week.
    Riddle of the Prairie Bride by Kathryn Reiss is one of the books in the History Mysteries series from American Girl.  This book literally took me 30 mins. to read and 5 more to review. So, a nice, fast read.
    Ida Kate is excited, and for the first time since her mother died, so is her Pa. A wonderful lady named Caroline Fairchild has come to marry Pa, though they have only exchanged letters. When  Caroline answered the ad for a bride (yeah, I guess that was common back then), Ida Kate and her father were overjoyed. But when Caroline come with her infant son, Hanky, something seems off. First, little things, little mistakes tip Ida Kate off. Soon the puzzle pieces click together forming a frightening picture. Is it the right picture though? And can Ida Kate break the news to her father before the wedding without breaking his heart?

    Ha, Ha!!! Very interesting conclusion! 9/10 'cuz there was a couple of editing mistakes, and all ages.
~Carissa Bookworm

P.S. Now that I think about it, I should be Carissa Bookwyrm. Ahh...too late too change, though. :(

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