I was recently vacationing in Crystal River, Florida, when I ran out of books. I know, the horror. So I asked some of th good ol' locals for a nicely stocked bookstore with plenty of Young Adult novels. They told me to visit 'Poe's House Books.' Poe's House Books is an amazing bookstore located in a beautiful old house. Every room is a different genre. They're Adult Fantasy selection was HUGE and filled with the classics! The YA and Children's room was crammed with books, mostly the old classics (which I have no problem with), but they did have some fairly new and popular books (YES! SALVATION!). The owner (I think it was the owner) was very kind and helpful and the books were good quality but CHEAP! So, I just wanted to say Thank you (Thank you!) and hopefully send some costomers thier way.

    I couldn't find a website, but this is them- http://www.abebooks.com/poe-house-books-crystal-river-fl/1256195/sf

Again, Awesome bookstore

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