Lena has escaped over the fence, but without her lover Alex. She runs and runs, away from the pain and into the Wilds. The leader of a local Invalid settlement, Raven, finds her and takes her in. Lena starts to adapt to her harsh, new environment. She offers her help to the Resistance and they send her, undercover, back over the Fence. During a sudden attack by the Scavengers,
(Killing machines/ Really violent Invalids.) Lena is taken hostage along with Julian, the poster child of the youth DFA, Deliria Free America. Julian and Lena are locked up in a tiny room together for weeks. The pair begins to bond and Lena falls in love. Yep, again. They escape from the Scavengers and fall right into the also-evil-clutches of the Government/DFA. Raven and the Resistance
rescue Lena, but leave Julian to a public execution. Lena goes after her new true love.

    Pandemonium was good, but it didn’t really live up to Delirium’s
greatness. I really didn’t like how the chapters alternated between ‘Then’ (her
time in the Wilds) and ‘Now’(her time undercover). I’m honestly not sure if
Delirium was like that, but if it was, it was handled/written better. Another
thing that bothered me was how quickly Lena gets over Alex and falls for Julian
in what seemed like such a small time frame! The writing was better than good
but not spectacular.

Now onto my fan girl rant… 

Oh. My. God. I am seriously crying right now. How could you end a book like that?!? What an epic cliffhanger! And to think I have to wait 2 whole weeks for Requiem to come in to my local library!

Sorry for making you read that. :)

Carissa Bookworm


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