I picked Gilt up looking for a sweet, YA historical romance.  I have seen such good reviews of Gilt on Good Reads, so maybe my
expectations were too high. But I just could not enjoy this novel! (Trust me, I

    Kitty is always in the shadow of her best friend, Kat, always bending to
Kat’s will. When Kat catches the heart of King Henry VIII, nothing changes. Soon
Cat becomes Queen, Her Majesty, and she brings Kitty along with her as a mere
chamberer; low in the Queen’s servantry, high in the castle servantry. Kat is
reckless, sweet,demure, and perfect in front of the King and his Court. But in
her private chambers, away from the gossip of the nobles? Not so much.
Blah, blah, blah. That’s about it.

    So, major disappointment. I quit reading at page 303 of 406. The writing was good, maybe even great, but nothing really happened. From the blurb, Gilt sounds a bit like a historical romance, but what the blurb fails to mention is that romance is the only element present. There should have been more backstabbing! More betrayal and scandals, and a heck of a lot more adventure!  3/10 stars, 13+
Carissa Bookworm


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