Throne of Glass is a mezmerizing new novel written new author Sarah J. Maas, telling the story of a young assasin.Celaena Sardothien, after capture, was sent to the legendary prison, Endovier. Then, the Crown Prince Dorian invites her to participate in the hushed competition for the title Kings Champion. If Celaena wins, and she's sure she will, Celaena will be free after 4 years of service to the Crown!
    Each week, after each test, a patron leaves furious and a contestant back to what ever dark hole they came from. Then, something begins to kill the contestants. Is it one of the competitors? The ghostly-long-dead Queen Celaena sees? Or a monster, straight out of the stories?
    Will Celaena stop the killer before she herself ends up dead?
Also, there's a romance factor of course! The Captain of the Guard, Choal, is tasked with the difficult task of guarding Celaena, becomes a really close friend to Celaena, but near the end of the book, it grows. Dorian and Celaena have a heated fling as well.

    I've heard rave reviews for Throne of Glass, and this book really lived up to it! It was fabulous! I was up way late finishing this book because I could not bear not finishing it! (Yeah. I was a little ray of sunshine the next morning.)
    The 26 year old author, Maas, is already publishing her second novel, the sequel to Throne of Glass. *CHEER* Crown of Glass comes out Fall 2013!!!

As Always,
Carissa Bookworm