This Dark Endeavor is original. This book by Kenneth Oppel is basically the prolouge to Frankenstien. 
    Victor is always in the shadow of his by-two-minute-older twin brother. Everything comes easier to Konrad, so he's always better. The better student, the better son, and the better person. Sure, a little fire of jealousy burns within Victor, but his fierce brotherly love for Konrad overcomes it. For now. 
    Then, Knrad suddenly becomes ill. Doctor after Doctor inspect Konrad, poking and prodding the bed ridden boy, but all fail to diagnois him, much less heal him. 
    There seems to be no cure, until Victor looks into the forbidden Dark Library, full of illiegal alchemy, and finds a possible solution.
How far are Victor and his friends willing to go to save Konrad?

Wow. This Dark Endeavor was an amazingly original novel. The characters were wonderfully developed, and the world was truly beautiful. I love the alchemy.
I LOVE how this story revolves around the Frankenstien, but is totaly different and unique. I can't wait to read the sequel Such Wicked Intent!
10/10 stars, 10+

Carissa Bookworm