The Prophecy by Ellen Oh is a whimsicaly good book. And it's new, too!
    Kira is the Demon Slayer. With her unique yellow eyes, she can see the demons. Kira is tolerated, scorned, but most of all, feared. She doesn't fit in with the court ladies, nor the military men. She is all alone, except when with her immediate family and her cousin, young Prince Taejo. When another attempt on the King's life is made, Prince Taejo is sent into hiding along with a few men and Kira, his personal bodyguard. The traveling party changes course to the Singing Temple when they hear that the  kingdom has been overthrown. There they here about  The Prophecy thus setting them on a quest to save the seven kingdoms.
                                                                      5/5, Ages 10 +
                                                                   Carissa Bookworm