This story starts when four girls, two besties, a new sportsy girl, and a popular girl, are forced to be in a book club together. Each of their mother's started talking after yoga class and just forgot to tell the girls.
Bad choice. Emma and Megan used to be BFFs, but then Megan started to hang out with Becca, the Queen of popularity. So, Emma and Jess became friends. And Cassidy just moved across the country from California. She loves hockey and is very upset when she finds that this historic town doesn't have a girls team. As the four girls work through the list of problems, they look to Little Women for advice.
The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather V. Frederick is a great book. 5 stars and for ages 10 and up. It has a little content about boys, but mostly just crushes.
                                                            ~Carissa Bookworm