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    Orgin by Jessica Khoury is...undescribable.
    Pia is perfect. She is the single immortal homo sapien. Her sole purpose is to start a new race of perfect, immortal people. She lives in New Cambridge (or New Cam as the residents call it) with the group of scientist that bred her plus staff. Pia's only dream is to make her Mr. Perfect and be on the Immortis team. But on her 17th birthday, Pia sneaks outside the fence. *gasp*  She meets a boy from the local tribe named Eio. They continually meet and Pia begins to love him and his village. Then Pia discovers the final ingredient to Immortis and it changes everything. 
    Wow. This book is everything: unique, memorable, well-written. I could not put this book down! I love the ending, but, woah, very unexpected! 
    I did a little research and *drumroll, please* her new book, Vitro comes out in January 2014! All her life, Sophie Crue has wondered about the secret research her mother conducts for the enigmantic company called Corpus, deep in the South Pacific. At last, she has her chance to find out--but every secret comes at a cost...
Apparently, Khoury is Syrian and Scottish! Cool combo!
~Carissa Bookworm
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