One Stone Left Unturned is a fascinating mix of history, mystery, and good writing! 
    One Stone Left Unturned follows two girls, Tatiana Romanov, daughter of
Tsar Nicholas, and Augusta, a bullied Catholic girl. The story starts when
Augusta finds a colorful brooch in her church. At the same time, from her point
of view, Tatiana finds the brooch. In alternating POV chapters, both girls
discover the stones power: to protect the user from pain. Tatiana must decide
whether to share the stone’s power with her family, or keep it to herself as her
Grandmother suggested. Augusta must care for her slowly-singing-into-dementia
grandmother and keep the stone safe.

    I really enjoyed One Stone Left Unturned! The idea was original, the
characters were easy to connect with, and the end was…brilliant and sobbing-sad
at the same time!

I can’t wait to read more novels by Marianna
9/10 stars, for kids 10+

Thank you for the review copy provided by the

Carissa Bookworm