D. M. Cherubim's new indie book (book lingo for independently published), The Eye of the Tiger, is an excellent book. It is a well-woven novel just awaiting to be read. (Yes, I said 'awaiting')
    Mary Baker's abusive mother, Anne, decides to marry her boy-friend, potbelly George. When the phone rings, a man named Jerry answers. Turns out, Mary's beloved-but-rarely-seen grandfather is a dead millionare. Immediatly, Anne drops everything. No, she does NOT care about her father, Anne just really wants money...Greedy Guts. But when the will is read, Mary gets everything, 10 million dollar land, Grandpa Hal's Cider and Co., and jewels, much to EVERYONE'S suprise. After Jerry (her new friend and desceased grandfather's bestie), gains gardianship of Mary, he sends her to a special school per Grandpa Hal's wishes. The school is amazing. Filled with yummy food, good friends, and enchanting magic classes, Mary loves it. It seems almost too good to be true...and, of course, it is. Someone has stolen her Grandfather's stone, the powerful Eye of the Tiger. The jewel is bursting with useful magic that can be distrausous in the wrong hands. Can Mary and her new friends retrieve the Stone in time, before somebody gets hurt?
    The Eye of the Tiger by D. M. Cherubim leaves me impatiently waiting for the next novel by Cherubim. Definitely 5 (out of 5) stars, and for all ages, though it is intended as a Y/A novel.
Hungry for More,
Carissa Bookworm

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