Rownie is one of Graba's "grandchildren." An orphan, all he has is his elder brother, Rowan, from whom his name is derived from, and, now, even Rowan is gone. Rownie's adventure begins when he goes to see an illegal play put on by goblins, for acting is banned. Rownie is chosen to be an one time actor, as a sort of audience participation. He loves it, and better still, the goblins can help him find Rowan! He decides to join the Goblin troupe, but Graba is using her powerful witchcraft to  retrieve him. Plus, Rownie has to figure out how to save the city! But, no pressure. I mean, its not as if thousand of lifes are resting on your shoulders!
    9/10, All ages. 
    Side note--Goblin Secrets by Alexander is the first fantasy book to win the NBA in 100 yrs!! Woah! :^()
                                                                Carissa Bookworm