In Ghost Horse, Emily Clark has just moved to Westville.Through all
the stress of school, finding friends, and being teased about not knowing how to ride a bike, Emily has to help a ghost horse reunite with his owner, the new librarian at school.
    I would rate this book with 8 out of 10 stars and suggest Ghost Horse for  6-8 year-olds, but it is great for all ages! 
Many years ago, I read my first chapterbook, Ghost Horse by George Stanley. My mother, being the lovely woman she is, somehow got Mr. Stanley on the phone, and he spent 15 minutes talking to a 5 year old.
                          When I started this blog, this book was my first entry. I emailed it to Stanley. His relatives informed me that he had passed away, and now I inform you with tears in my eyes. This is a tribute to you, Stanley.


                     RIP, George Stanley, RIP