Delirium, by Lauren Oliver, is a dystopic (they are all these days!) novel. Threads of romance, adventure, and prosecution are elegantly woven together to form this classy book!
    Lena Haloway has a blemished history. Her mother fell in love (Oh no!), and had the cure three times, none of which worked. Then, she committed suicide. Lena's sister also fell in love, but, thankfully, the cure worked, relieving her of love.
    Lena has always believed in the goverment and the cure. Hana, her BFF, is the rebellious one, attending illegal concerts with forbidden music.
    She believes that the cure will make her happy...until Lena meets a boy named Alex. Lena has had zero boy experience, since Uncured boys and girls are seperated. Alex appears to be Cured, but he is not all he seems. Lena finds herself in love.
    Delirium is Amazing! You have to read this book! Can't wait to read (and review) Pandemonium and Requiem!
Carissa Bookworm