Saba is always in the shadow of her golden twin brother, Lugh. He's perfect with his good looks, optimistic attitude, and easy laugh. But, Saba doesn't mind. Suddenly, 5 men on horses, including their only neighbor for miles, take Lugh. Saba fights fiercly but they kill Pa and just shove Saba to the ground. She vows to go after her beloved twin. First, though, Saba must take her little sister Emmi (whom Saba hates, but Lugh loves) to their deceased mother's best friend's house. Stubborn Emmi follows Saba. "He's my brother too!" she argues. So Saba and Emmi begin a dangerous and always twisting journey to free their brother.
    8/10, and ages 10 and up because of some VERY heated kisses.
    It really bothered me that this book didn't have "quotation" marks. The editor in me kept itching to place quotation marks around the dialouge! But, hey, good book nevertheless.
~Carissa Bookworm