I have mixed feelings about this novel written about Kathryn White...On one hand, White took the "bad life, suddenly mega-star" cliche and made it really unique and original. On the other hand, Behind the Scenes is an indie novel, so naturally, its going to have some grammatical and spelling errors. There wasn't enough to be distracting in Behind the Scenes, though! *cheer*
    Caitlin is a few months away from getting married, at age 18, to Johnny, who ridicules her acting. "It's stupid!" he complains about Caitlin's audition for a new role in the hit TV series, Angel Street.
    Caitlin's mother left years ago and bestselling author dad abandened her as a baby. Caitlin lives in a trailer, only by the kindness of her fiancee's parents (the trailer park owners). Then, Johnny dies abrubtly.
     While lost in grief, Caitlin recieves a call that changes her (and her life!) forever; she got the part as Daisy in Angel Street.
    Caitlin is reunited with her father and sister and relearns something of her past, while puzzling over the pompus director.
    OK, I have to say, I really enjoyed this book!
8/10 stars, Ages-13 and up
~Carissa Bookworm
Also, Thank you to Kathryn White for the free review copy!

Born in Yate, Gloucestershire, England, Joanne Rowling was writing from the start. Her first story was about a rabbit. Along with writing, Rowling was an avid reader, particularly loving the Chronicles of Narnia. Nine years later, the Rowling's moved to Tutshill and attended Wyedean Comprehensive School. Joanne then entered College and earned a Bachelors in French. In 1990, J.K.'s mother passed away. According to Rowling, this distressing event assisted in writing the Philosopher's Stone. Her agent helped her get a publishing deal with Bloomington, resulting in the movies, merchandise, etc.
Love you Rowling!
Carissa Bookworm

***Thank you to J. K. Rowling's website for the info***