Sugar has it tough. A school bully is just the beginning. Her dad is a drunk, gambling idiot and her mom...well, her mom is her mom.Mr. Leeland, as Sugar and her mom (Reba) call Sugar's dad, has racked up a bunch of debts and hasn't paid them. Reba, Sugar, and Sugar's new dog, Shush, are forced out of their home and into the homeless shelter. Shush, whom Sugar decides will be helper dog, helps bring cheer to the gloomy people at the shelter. Reba's friend, (an ex homeless), has heard about a good job in Chicago. So the family packs up and heads to Chicago. Alas, there is no job anymore! Reba snaps and is taken to the hospital. Sugar's new social worker puts her in an uncomfortable foster home, Sugar begs for a better place, and suprisingly, the next day she is taken to a foster home with kind people, good music, great friends, and yummy choclate chip pancakes!
    Almost Home by Joan Baueris a fantastic book! It really made me look differently at the world and see how lucky I am.
9/10, 10+
Carissa Bookworm