Katrina Yoder has a beautiful singing voice, but her Amish beliefs discourage singing. Singing is believed to be prideful, so
Katrina doesn’t sing often. Her father’s bad back prevents him from working, but
the procedure to fix it is expensive. When her friend Bekka urges Katrina to try
out for the hit show, American Star, Katrina is hesitant to go against her
beliefs and enter the world of the English. But when Katrina hears about the
prize money, more than enough for the surgery, she goes for it! Katrina
convinces her parents that this is her ‘rumspringa’the time when Amish kids
experience the English.
Katrina wins a full-expenses-paid trip to Hollywood to compete on
American Star!!
    I really enjoyed reading A Simple Song by Melody Carlson. The plot is
original, and I loved how the book acted like a window into the Amish world. I
also loved the twist about Katrina’s deceased

All Ages, 9/10 stars!

Thank you for the review copy I recieved through NetGalley! This is my unpaid-for, honest opinion!

Carissa Bookworm