Anna was a rich, Russian Countess, but since the Russian Revolution, all Anna is, is just another penniless orphan in London.
     Anna lands a job as an all-around housemaid in the Aristocrat family, Westerholme. Anna tries her hardest to blend in and keep her past secret, making sure to follow her outdated guide to servantry, but her graceful, noble- like curtsies and thick, formal accent make that impossible.
     As Anna tries to juggle her way through her very complicated life, the reader (that means you!) will laugh, cry, and occasionally scream out in joy/horror/and amusement. I know I did. Oh, my poor family must have been fairly disconcerted with all those yelps...
     Anna befriends the Earl of Westerholme, Rupert, and they slowly develop feelings fro each other. There's just one little obstacle between their love: Rupert's fiancee.

     I loved, loved, loved this book! Everything was perfect, the romance, the plot, the END! I loved how Anna could befriend the servants just as easily as the nobility, and wasn't constantly having to choose between them. I loved how Rupert was so blatantly honest, and how even when it was clear Rupert's fiancée, Muriel, wasn't his soul mate, he wouldn't go back on his word (proposal). And when Muriel does something really bad (read it, and you'll know what I'm talking about), I really yelled out in justified anger!
    This  book was amazing, fantastic, fabulous, enjoyable, and adventurous. I guess what I'm trying to say is that YOU have to read A Countess Below Stairs.
    10 of 10 stars (Congrats!), and Ages 10+
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