Throne of Glass is a mezmerizing new novel written new author Sarah J. Maas, telling the story of a young assasin.Celaena Sardothien, after capture, was sent to the legendary prison, Endovier. Then, the Crown Prince Dorian invites her to participate in the hushed competition for the title Kings Champion. If Celaena wins, and she's sure she will, Celaena will be free after 4 years of service to the Crown!
    Each week, after each test, a patron leaves furious and a contestant back to what ever dark hole they came from. Then, something begins to kill the contestants. Is it one of the competitors? The ghostly-long-dead Queen Celaena sees? Or a monster, straight out of the stories?
    Will Celaena stop the killer before she herself ends up dead?
Also, there's a romance factor of course! The Captain of the Guard, Choal, is tasked with the difficult task of guarding Celaena, becomes a really close friend to Celaena, but near the end of the book, it grows. Dorian and Celaena have a heated fling as well.

    I've heard rave reviews for Throne of Glass, and this book really lived up to it! It was fabulous! I was up way late finishing this book because I could not bear not finishing it! (Yeah. I was a little ray of sunshine the next morning.)
    The 26 year old author, Maas, is already publishing her second novel, the sequel to Throne of Glass. *CHEER* Crown of Glass comes out Fall 2013!!!

As Always,
Carissa Bookworm

    This Dark Endeavor is original. This book by Kenneth Oppel is basically the prolouge to Frankenstien. 
    Victor is always in the shadow of his by-two-minute-older twin brother. Everything comes easier to Konrad, so he's always better. The better student, the better son, and the better person. Sure, a little fire of jealousy burns within Victor, but his fierce brotherly love for Konrad overcomes it. For now. 
    Then, Knrad suddenly becomes ill. Doctor after Doctor inspect Konrad, poking and prodding the bed ridden boy, but all fail to diagnois him, much less heal him. 
    There seems to be no cure, until Victor looks into the forbidden Dark Library, full of illiegal alchemy, and finds a possible solution.
How far are Victor and his friends willing to go to save Konrad?

Wow. This Dark Endeavor was an amazingly original novel. The characters were wonderfully developed, and the world was truly beautiful. I love the alchemy.
I LOVE how this story revolves around the Frankenstien, but is totaly different and unique. I can't wait to read the sequel Such Wicked Intent!
10/10 stars, 10+

Carissa Bookworm

    I'm sorry, I really hate to give a bad review, but this book just wasn't my cup of tea.
    However, I did like how the stepmother was actually nice for once! I hate how books often portray step- mothers as mean, evil souls, and that isn't always the case. So, that was good. On to the not-so-good...
    Chelsea finds out that a) her dad has a girlfriend, b) that said girlfriend is now his fiancee, and c) Her dad has a new job and Chelsea, her dad, and his new fiancee are moving.
    OK, how would you NOT notice your dad has a girlfriend? Wouldn't there be a change in his personality or his routine? Wouldn't he be gone more often? It just seemed inplausible to me.
    Then, in just 3 days, with a little lotion, makeup, and new clothes, Chelsea transforms from "geeky and gawky into the hottest girl at her new school!" Right. And pigs will fly. It sounds pretty cool, but acne doesn't just evaporate (at least not that fast). And Chelsea was gawky, so, how does she turn graceful over night? The clothes part I kinds believe.
    None of this book seemed plausible, and the writing (and editing) was not good. As a result, I stopped reading this book. Maybe it gets better. I don't know.
    But, I have to judge this book on what I read. 4/10 stars, and, as far as I can tell, for all ages.

If you read this book and enjoyed it, let me know in the comments!
Carissa Bookworm

    I just finished The Elite by Kiera Cass (The awesome sequel to The Selection) and I am stunned.My feelings keep shifting from misery, to horror, and to insane-jump-on-the-bed-excitedness. I know that sounds corny, but its the truth. The Elite is just. That. Good.

    America is in the final group of contestants battling for riches, the Crown, and for Prince Maxon. After seeing her best friend, Marlee whom is also in the Selection, caned for loving someone other than Maxon (which is illegal in The Selection), America realizes what could face Aspen and her if found out. At the same time, America wonders how she could ever love someone who would knowingly order pain upon an innocent (in her mind) human being! While (trying to) choose between Maxon and Aspen, America juggles the the Selection's activities.

    The Rebel attacks become more and more frequent, and increasingly violent.

    Then, America makes a terrible mistake, one that could cost her the chance to become Princess, and, later on, Queen.
    The Elite is amazing! I literally read this book in one sitting, I could not put it down! I loved how Aspen, even though it pains him, gave advise to America on Maxon. I love what happpens to Maxon's back, even though it horrible, it the perfect, enthralling twist. When America makes that terrible mistake (the one I spoke of above), and every one is screaming at her, or giving her dirty looks, I felt like crawling into a hole, like America felt. I'm trying (and probably failing) to say that I could feelalong with the characters, and really get in thier shoes. I hope that makes sense.
    The Elite really earns its 10 of 10 stars! I would give The Elite by Kiera Cass to any and all ages!

The Always Veracious Reader,
Carissa Bookworm

    I was recently vacationing in Crystal River, Florida, when I ran out of books. I know, the horror. So I asked some of th good ol' locals for a nicely stocked bookstore with plenty of Young Adult novels. They told me to visit 'Poe's House Books.' Poe's House Books is an amazing bookstore located in a beautiful old house. Every room is a different genre. They're Adult Fantasy selection was HUGE and filled with the classics! The YA and Children's room was crammed with books, mostly the old classics (which I have no problem with), but they did have some fairly new and popular books (YES! SALVATION!). The owner (I think it was the owner) was very kind and helpful and the books were good quality but CHEAP! So, I just wanted to say Thank you (Thank you!) and hopefully send some costomers thier way.

    I couldn't find a website, but this is them- http://www.abebooks.com/poe-house-books-crystal-river-fl/1256195/sf

Again, Awesome bookstore
    The Selection has begun. Thirty-five girls have been chosen to compete for Prince Maxon and the Crown.
    America is one of those lucky girls, but she doesn't care about the Prince or the title of Queen; America tries only for the weekly compensation her family recieves. America believes, at first, that Prince Maxon is just a stuck-up, idiotic jerk. Then, America becomes friends with Prince Maxon and they begin to meet regularly (they're secret signal to meet is tugging one's ear!). Week by week more girls are sent home devastated. Then, America's ex-secret-scandalous-boyfriend (whom is a caste below her, hence the scandalous part) shows up as her guard! America must choose between Prince Maxon, new love, and the chance of a lifetime, or Aspen, her long time love, and a life of hardships.
    I loved this book! The Selection was everything was everything you could want in a book: a glimmer of hope, heated romance, and an epic choice. Selection's world is so beautifully built with so much detail! I really enjoyed watching America's opinion of Prince Maxon slowly change.
    You have to read this book! Like, now!
10/10 stars, all ages,
Carissa Bookworm

     This book is a collection of 3 novels that revolve around two main topics; love/ romance and death/ deathbed. Not a very happy book. But still good.

     I usually write my own summaries, but I'm super busy and way behind on reviews, so y'all get the back cover.

 Saving Jessica Jessica McMillan and Jeremy Travino are a perfect couple. When they met in high school, Jessica's upbeat spirit helped Jeremy to see that there must be a reason he was spared in the car accident that killed his brother. But now Jessica has been diagnosed with kidney failure. Her only hope is a kidney transplant but no one in her family is a match. Jeremy can't watch another person he loves die. He believes that his life was spared so he could save Jessica by donating a kidney. But his parents are terrified of losing their only child. Will Jeremy go against his parents' wishes to do what he must to save Jessica?

    Telling Christina Goodbye
Trisha Thompson and her best friend, Christina, are having a great senior year. Trisha and her boyfriend are making plans to attend Indiana University, and Christina received a scholarship to the University of Vermont. Everything would be perfect if only Trisha got along with Christina's controlling boyfriend, Tucker, who is trying to convince Christina not to go away for college. Their lives are forever changed when one night Tucker drives them all home from a basketball game. He hits black ice and the car overturns. Tucker walks away with barely a scratch, but Trisha is injured, Cody is in a coma, and Christina is dead. Those that are left must learn to heal, in order for their lives to move on.

      Letting Go of Lisa
Nathan Malone has been home schooled his whole life. He hasn't spent much time with kids his own age, let alone dated. Now that his mother is busy with his new twin sisters, he must enroll at the local high school for his senior year. On the first day of school a girl catches his eye. Lisa is a loner and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. Nathan is intrigued. When he and Lisa finally start spending time together, he is the happiest he's ever been. But Lisa has a tragic secret and when she decides to deal with it herself, Nathan has to make a choice. Can he ever let go of Lisa?

     This isn't the kind of book I usually read, but a friend suggested I read it. And I did. I cried during every single story, and I, Carissa Bookworm, never cries. The writing wasn't spectacular, but it was pretty good. 8/10 stars, 12+ (romance is a little steamy, but never goes there, and the drama is kind of heartbreaking/scary.)

I remain,
Carissa Bookworm 

    Delirium, by Lauren Oliver, is a dystopic (they are all these days!) novel. Threads of romance, adventure, and prosecution are elegantly woven together to form this classy book!
    Lena Haloway has a blemished history. Her mother fell in love (Oh no!), and had the cure three times, none of which worked. Then, she committed suicide. Lena's sister also fell in love, but, thankfully, the cure worked, relieving her of love.
    Lena has always believed in the goverment and the cure. Hana, her BFF, is the rebellious one, attending illegal concerts with forbidden music.
    She believes that the cure will make her happy...until Lena meets a boy named Alex. Lena has had zero boy experience, since Uncured boys and girls are seperated. Alex appears to be Cured, but he is not all he seems. Lena finds herself in love.
    Delirium is Amazing! You have to read this book! Can't wait to read (and review) Pandemonium and Requiem!
Carissa Bookworm