Anna is devastated when her romance-novelist-father ships her off to boarding school. But no, that's not enough. The school is in Paris. Not Paris, Texas,  Paris, FRANCE! Anna knows no French. So, Anna has to leave her so-close-to-boyfriend crush, best friend, and her home and language.

    But, Anna starts to make friends, including the adorable but taken American/French/English guy Etinne St. Clair. Anna almost immediately falls for St. Clair, but he has a serious girlfriend. And Anna doesn't want to jeopardize her standing with her new friends.
    The other little bright spot in Anna's world is Paris' legendary film. Movies are Anna's passion. Anna has an up and coming movie review blog with herself as the critic. When Anna discovers the littler independent movie  theaters on every single street corner, she's ecstastic.
So, Anna goes on to battle her way through French boarding school, tedious French classes, movies and love, in (what I think is) a most hilarious manner.

I loved Anna and the French Kiss! The title is cute, but really misleads the reader into thinking that this extraodinary novel is purely a romance read. It's so not!  I love Anna and her loyalty to her friends; those Parisian and American. I love St. Clair's character! I would recommend Anna and the French Kiss to all girls looking for a relaxing, sweet, funny, and/or French-themed book!

I'm not sure if I'll read Anna and the French Kiss #2, Lola and the Boy Next Door, because my To Read list is a mile long. I'll try to squeeze it in, though! :)

Anna and the French Kiss sooo gets 10/10 stars, for ages 12+!!!

Carissa Bookworm


08/17/2013 5:28pm

I really want to read this, but like you, my tbr is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long...lol. Glad you enjoyed it, everyone seems to! Great review Carissa!
~ Tilly @ <a href="http://www.hardcoreheroines.co.uk">Hardcore Heroines</a>

11/29/2013 8:31pm

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