Well, this was certainly an interesting read...

    When a huge plasma tv falls ontop of Emerson 'Em' Watts, she should've died. And, her body did die. Somehow, a team of docters performed a top-secret operation on Em, saving her brain and personality and stuffing it into the body of Supermodel Nikki Howard.
Yikes. Em must learn to coperate with her new boss, Stark Enterprises, get used to her sudden, and drastic, change in lifestyle, as well as learn how to be a model.

    Airhead by Meg Cabotis a fun read. The concept for Airhead is a confusingly complicated one, but I think Meg Cabot made it work. I enjoyed seeing Em's opinion of models,famous-for-being-rich kids, etc. change as she became one.
8/10 stars, because it was a little confusing at times, Ages 10+

Carissa Bookworm


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